Filming The Indiegogo Campaign Video!

This past weekend Shailyn and Jessica were joined by their producer Juana for another trip Upstate to Catskill, New York, which will be doubling as the fictional town of Pahokee, Pennsylvania. They visited some of their lovely locations again, but the main objective was to shoot the video for their Indiegogo campaign launching on June 26th, 2016. 

As they hauled all the equipment Upstate on a train, it was a lesson in patience, but once they arrived and breathed in the fresh, cool night air, they were geared up and ready to begin the shoot! 

The first day was not without it’s hitches, but every shoot has it’s bumps. However, to see the world of Pahokee and all of the locations though the camera lens really brought it all to life. What was before some simple train tracks turned into a post-apocalyptic visual of abandoned transportation. The graffitied cargo train that flew by became the government-run reserves traveling across the country. The pollen flying through the air was so thick, it resembled the dust and ash of a world crumbling. 


With but a small crew of Juana on camera, Jessica on sound, and Shailyn standing in for Briar, the world of ‘After Oil’ became real. As they trekked through wooded paths and hordes of mosquitos, their excitement was tangible.  

The second day brought torrential rain, but it only further set the mood. Shailyn got on her bike while Juana and Jessica got in the trunk of a car, and off they went, getting the most visceral tracking shots of Shailyn riding through the rain on the abandoned streets. The water soaked roads shone. The greenery surrounding them was brightened. The bike road fast and hard through the storm. It was no longer Shailyn riding. It was Briar. 

Stay tuned to see some more screenshots of the Indiegogo campaign video and the campaign launch itself on June 26th!